Deltalok System

AHS Ltd is proud to be the UK wholesaler of the only patented solution available for ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.  Where erosion control and soil retention is required, the amazing but simple solution to what can be an incredibly damaging situation is the ECO friendly DELTALOK SYSTEM.


With this unique ecological system DELTALOK can provide the obvious, a proven system that will offer a natural environment for all erosion problems and confine soil, offering a form of retention that will protect, enhance and retain further issues for years to come. The DELTALOK SYSTEM is, without doubt, a marvel in its simplicity, whilst its principles have been born from analysis and engineering experiences within this field. Where soil retention is required, be it through a water course or erosion from natural earth movements, the use of the DELTALOK SYSTEM will not only enhance the area in which it is to be used, but ultimately ensure the security and longevity of the area in which it is positioned. This system offers a naturally green answer to many erosion problems and has already been widely implemented in many other countries around the World to provide security by actually building a protective Eco wall, offering a green, well vegetated bank or slope, so giving years of protection, a permanent repair when retention is required and also fulfilling the environmental needs of the areas in which it is used by blending into its natural surrounding.

The DELTALOK SYSTEM is not only a master of disguise with its environmental benefits, but has the strength and stability of any stone or concrete formula with the system allowing grasses, shrubs, trees or wildflowers to enhance its natural state. The DELTALOK SYSTEM enables a construction of ‘bag work’, where by individual bags containing a soil and sand mix which is highly compatible for vegetation and sustainable shrub growth, called a GTX soil bag, a proven mix which provides a filtering ability, water permeable and incredibly root friendly, allowing an immediate reaction from the chosen form of green covering for your DELTALOK SYSTEM. The DELTALOK interlocking plate is then used by placing it between each of the soil and sand GTX bags to form an incredibly strong structure, by interlocking, each of these units have been made by using recycled polypropylene, each consisting of 11 spikes which produces the incredible 3D interlocking strength. Be it embankment, hillside even the erection of an environmentally pleasing ‘green’ wall, by using the DELTALOK SYSTEM you are building and producing a soil mass that can withstand any and all environments.  These can include steep or sheer slopes, giving immediate support and retaining the area and preventing it from any further erosion including shoreline and sand dune protection, establishing a new feature, wall or green build, DELTALOK’s flexibility for all grade changes, this includes poor soil construction and no footings necessary, gives a unique green feat of eco engineering second to none. DELTALOK SYSTEM

The DELTALOK SYSTEM works side by side with nature and its environment and offers security and sustainability to its wildlife inhabitants giving natural vegetation and cover whilst supporting and retaining banks and slopes from the risks of collapse caused through water erosion. DELTALOK is a permanent, cost effective and simple soft armour structure, with an instant form of support and control and the resistance capabilities that DELTALOK SYSTEM offers, will also protect and withstand movement from differential settlement and even seismic activity, this makes it a solution that can be placed in any location or combined into the structural makeup of any new projects including Parks and Recreation areas to produce an Eco friendly and visibly pleasing wall or a support for newly implemented Landscaping. The DELTALOK SYSTEM and its unique engineering qualities combine to encompass everything that is needed for a permanent green solution with its adaptability and strength, it also is easy to be transported to any location or site with its lightweight, so allowing ease in delivery from the start.

With the ever growing progress of modern development and the need for new housing and road systems the DELTALOK SYSTEM can prove invaluable with its Eco friendly structure, offering a cost effective answer to noise issues whilst giving a natural growing protective wall, a green back-drop that is pleasing for everyone including nature. With the DELTALOK SYSTEM you have the opportunity to build ‘green’ regardless of the site, location or project, from flood control, ditches, extreme slopes or banks, retaining walls even new walls and Landscaping, the uses of the DELTALOK SYSTEM is an engineering solution that’s flexibility of uses can provide security, longevity and protection for years to come an overwhelming plethora of environmentally pleasing structural support that can be used in the most difficult locations, completely resistant to damage from degradation, insects, soil chemicals even rodents, the DELTALOK SYSTEM offers strength in its adaptability with its environmental Eco-friendly system and also being DFO accepted, GHGE, also offering heat and noise reduction, the restoration of natural beauty is clearly the way forward with the use of the DELTALOK SYSTEM, an applauded and sort after system that works with the solutions that offer protection and strength for the future by ensuring we ‘build it green’.