Agricultural Erosion

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The considerable damage that can be caused through soil erosion is felt throughout the world and in many areas it produces devastating and on occasions fatal results, with landslides, flooding through mismanagement of stream and riverbanks and, where farming occurs, the lack of erosion awareness can result in costly crop damage and land loss. Agricultural Erosion can occur through natural and human activity and with the advance in scientific studies and a better understanding of soil erosion within the agricultural community, comes an enlightened and progressive awareness of the importance of land management and conservation. The Deltalok System has been developed from a combination of science and engineering, with a team that have spent the past 21 years analysing and understanding the make-up and principles that nature has implemented for thousands of years in its natural protection of certain areas. The obvious movement of stone through ground movement that can result in a wall or ridge, thus offering a simplistic form of soil protection to the land surrounding it, in some cases large rocks that can force rivers and streams to change their coarse but also protect its banks from further erosion, all give an obvious form of protection in the retaining ability of a structural defence.

The Deltalok System can be used in the management of agricultural erosion by supporting and protecting land from further damage

Farming activity is an occupation, and for many a family lifestyle that has supported communities for centuries, and with the ever growing human population and the progress of transport links, farming and its exports are now worldwide. The Deltalok System has been able to aid in the protection of farmlands throughout the world, offering support and stability in an eco-friendly way that enhances its natural surroundings rather than scars them. Agricultural erosion can have a significantly damaging and costly effect on the production of many of our staple food crops and also in the field of dairy and meat production, as overgrazing and over-cropping can result in the encouragement of soil erosion. With no healthy top soil you have no nutrients available for healthy growth, the soil becomes weak, and eventually unable to sustain any vegetation as rain, wind and sun all aid in the removal of its nutrient rich top soil, agricultural erosion that can be prevented through correct management. With Deltalok Systems you have a unique and patented method of protection that will support steep slopes, protect ditches and drainage channels and can also be used as a protection from wind erosion.

The Deltalok System adapts to grade changes which allows it to be used in any environment and it is also resistant to differential settlement and any risk of seismic activity, it combines a structural support in a ‘green’ coat, a unique ecological development that provides a permanent protection without the use of rock, stone, concrete or wire. Its patented bag format gives a strength of support as strong as concrete, whilst offering natural beauty and a host of environmental benefits to the location it is to be used. The Deltalok System can be used in the management of agricultural erosion by supporting and protecting land from further damage, where bank and ditch erosion occurs on farmland causing land collapse or seasonal flooding, the reduction or loss of productive farmland becomes significant and costly. Deltalok System gives immediate support to the area in which it is to be used and the ease of transportation also gives simplicity to even the hardest to reach location, its interlocking connector gives an immediate structural strength and each GTX bag contains a soil and sand mix that encourages healthy root growth, resulting in an environmentally friendly interlocking soil mass that has the strength, and stability, of concrete but is able to sustain, and encourage vegetative growth that gives a permanent retaining structure that will blend into any natural surroundings. With ongoing concerns of agricultural erosion, farmers have learnt to implement protective methods of farming and manage the potential risks of soil erosion, they are also acutely aware of the need to protect our environment for future generations, and with the Deltalok System and its unique environmental benefits you can build it ‘green’ but still protect.