Methods of soil conservation

Thursday, 20 August 2015

There are many forms and methods used in the control and protection of soil conservation, some still visible from generations of trial and error and some that sadly, fell at the first seasonal onslaught of Mother Nature. The slow and laborious creation of the wonderful elements contained in the growing medium of nutritional soil take many years, but with miss-management and lack of care this precious commodity that is on occasions, overlooked, become baron and desert like in their appearance through the loss of the beneficial top soil, this is the result of erosion that is normally caused through natural elements, but has also been created through the disruption caused by manmade forces.

The developers of the Deltalok System have spent years understanding and analysing the principles surrounding soil conservation and the protection of vulnerable areas, also studying the benefits of a green form of engineering and structural defence system that can both enhance and protect when implemented into its chosen location. The simplicity of this engineering genius allows science and technology to combine in an environmentally winning development that has been used throughout the world and in some of the most challenging locations. The Deltalok System gives a green structural protection to enable the conservation of the nutrient rich soil, whereby its gradual building of eco-friendly GTX bags containing a soil and sand mix, can be built. With each bag being interlocked by a connector, the gradual formation of this ecological engineering masterpiece can then offer a structural ‘green’ environment that is able to sustain any form of vegetation or planting.

Deltalok System has been able to give a cost effective and simple permanent soft structure that will create a green environment

The Deltalok System gives a solid and stable wall that encourages the natural beauty of the environment and its surroundings, enhancing grassy banks and wild flower seeding, even the planting of shrubs and trees. This enables the protection of soil as through scientific analysis and study, each of the soil filled bags allow the main principles for root development, those being oxygen, nutrients, water and ease of filtration through water permeable GTX bags. This unique formula provides and encourages the root system to produce healthy shoots that will combine to add strength and stability to any location, this in turn gives protection to soil areas that are of most concern through erosion. In producing its unique patented development the Deltalok System has been able to give a cost effective and simple permanent soft structure that will create a green environment, whilst also giving the strength and protection that would normally only be produced through the unsightly use of concrete or wire structural control.

The limitless uses for the Deltalok System give green build technology and also allows nature to reclaim areas that otherwise would have eventually become baron through continued soil erosion, the ecological benefits encourage insects and small mammals but their development protects them from rodent or insect damage also the Deltalok System is resistant to degradation and damage through soil chemicals and this eco-friendly system is also non-biodegradable. With many of the methods of soil conservation you have a result that is not always aesthetically pleasing, nor do they withstand the pressures of the elements where the demand for protection and soil conservation is most needed, but with the Deltalok System you have a restoration of the beauty that can be found in nature whilst giving a method of soil protection that has strength, durability and a green build technology that works.