Green build in Landscaping

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The art and design of many Landscaping projects takes time and effort with a true love of gardens and an undeniable understanding of the wonders that can come from the planting and architectural understanding of many species of flowers, shrubs and trees. The consistency of their natural beauty is never in doubt, as many of our much loved parks and gardens enjoy the company of admiring visitors through much of the year, enthusing at old designs and marvelling at new innovative creations that enhance swathes of planting or entrance you with their sudden, and visual splendour. The use of the Deltalok System in Landscaping comes from an understanding of soil protection but also the knowledge that, as with all ground developments, there is the constant maintenance and concerns of soil erosion and the protection of vegetation and other plant life, with the elements of Nature and in larger Landscape areas, human foot traffic and the mechanical devices used for lawn areas, the wearing-away of specific areas becomes a continuous part of everyday care.

The Deltalok System with its ‘Green Build’ technology, gives support to Landscape areas that can be difficult to manage, such as sheer slopes where planting is limited and vegetation is poor, the soil movement is often exasperated by the forces of nature and the seasonal elements, amounting in soil erosion and loss of vegetation through lack of nutritional top soil and constant movement. The Deltalok System in its unique patented development, gives a complete understanding to the sciences involved with regeneration and healthy growth, by implementing a ‘Green Build’ structural solution to a weakened or damaged area, or allowing the design and creation of a new living architectural development that is both aesthetically pleasing and able to restore or enhance the project area in which it is to be used.

Deltalok System gives a living, breathing wall that can be used as a design element

With the Deltalok System you have the science and engineering understanding that has been developed from over 21 years of study and investigation into an eco-friendly, but incredibly strong ‘Green Build’ solution to retaining, supporting and new design ideas that will enhance any location. The Deltalok System is the only system World Wide that can give the support normally only offered by using concrete or stone, unlike the coarse visual protection or restoration you achieve with these, the Deltalok System gives the environmental benefits that are so important by allowing the natural beauty of the chosen vegetation to thrive. It is a simple and cost effective alternative that can be easily transported to any location due to its lightweight, with each GTX bag containing a soil and sand mix that has been proven to encourage and enhance root growth.

With the Deltalok System, its ‘bag work’ construction and interlocking connectors, give a sustainable living wall of defence or design, with the ability to protect from soil erosion and its diversity of use being incorporated into any new Landscaping project. As far back as the eighteenth century, Landscape designs have incorporated the natural beauty of their surroundings, with stone structures like ‘Follies’ included in large stately grounds and the use of specific planting to attract the eye and please the house, the Deltalok System can be used to protect existing areas but as the gardeners and Landscapers of generations before tried to keep the aesthetic strength of their surroundings within the realms of its natural beauty, Deltalok System provides a permanent green solution, from the planting or seeding of the GTX bags that can give swathes of flowers or grassy knolls and banks, shrubs and native trees, the use of the Deltalok System gives a living, breathing wall that can be used as a design element like a ‘Ha-Ha’, offering a green vertical barrier that will still allow the eye to absorb the beauty of its surroundings. The use of the Deltalok System can give a subtle and natural protection, but also offer a design element that can be used in the construction of a sunken garden, a retaining wall or a newly built secret hideaway, Deltalok System gives a ‘Green Build’ quality and flexibility that can be used anywhere and with the enhanced awareness and need for a more eco-friendly solution to many new projects, the Deltalok System has the answer to a stronger and more permanent outlook to building it ‘Green’ aiding in the beauty of the natural landscape and many new Landscaping ideas.