Eco-friendly ‘Green’ Noise Solution

Monday, 24 August 2015

With the demands of modern living and the progress of industry and development, you have the obvious interaction of noise and its effect on its surroundings, whether through building or development projects or the need for more industrial estates and the ever growing demand for larger motorway systems, the issue of noise and the problems that can ensue, have been an on-going problem for many local authorities and communities. The Deltalok System is a unique and patented form of engineering that allows nature and science to become an all absorbing solution to all noise problems, whilst providing a ‘Green’ ecological answer that will allow the level of noise through many modern human activities, to be absorbed into a natural, but permanent ‘green’ structure.

For many years the issue of noise in many development projects has been managed with the use of wooden fencing, tree and shrub planting and in some instances large swathes of solid brick walls, all of which are costly and can be awkward to install in certain locations. With the Deltalok System you have ease of transport, as the lightweight simplicity behind its ‘bag’ development allows ease of transportation to any areas, but also a cost effective installation that has a proven technology for an eco-friendly solution to alleviate the problems connected with noise reduction. The Deltalok System is a solution that requires no footings, and is free from the restraints of previously used non-productive concrete or brick build structures, non-productive in respect of its inability to produce a ‘green’ or ecologically appealing resolution to an existing problem of noise reduction.

Local authorities have now got to start implementing cost effective solutions to many new build projects

The Deltalok System is an incredibly simple feat of engineering that has the combined sciences of eco-friendly development and the assured and proven technology that will produce a permanent structure whilst offering an aesthetically pleasing, ‘green’ wall that is able to sustain many forms of vegetation. Each of the GTX bags that form part of the Deltalok System, contain a growing medium of soil and sand that allows roots through any desired seeding or planting, to establish themselves in a healthy and supportive environment. The Deltalok System has an innovative and patented, interlocking connector that provides solid sheer strength once placed between each of the Deltalok GTX soil bags, this offers a unique sustainable ‘green’ environment that is resistant to degradation, rodents and insects, soil chemicals and is also non-biodegradable. The ease, simplicity and cost-effectiveness in the constructability and reinforced strength provided with the Deltalok System gives full face drainage whilst offering water, light, oxygen and nutrients to the development of any vegetation to be used in its ‘green’ structure.

The solid outcome of the use of the Deltalok System gives a combined strength in its engineering development whist the growing root system of the planting that is chosen offers a natural anchor that becomes as strong as concrete whilst being eco-friendly in its chosen location. With Government guidelines encouraging the development and construction of a more eco-friendly building application, local authorities have now got to start implementing cost effective solutions to many new build projects, with an understanding of the need for security and strength in our environmental thinking with the restoration of natural beauty as opposed to stark concrete or brick being used for some building or noise solutions, the fundamental logic surrounding the construction of the Deltalok System for the use as a permanent ‘green’ noise wall, offers strength and proven results to provide both a ‘green’ vegetative form of sound protection and a living soft armour construction that can be appreciated for years to come, a ‘green build’ solution to suit all.