‘Green build’ for Highways and Walkways

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

With the advances in Highway and Walkway construction due to the ever growing need for improved, faster transport and pedestrian links, there is also the growing concerns of the inevitable encroachment on the environment, and the local communities surrounding the affected areas that undergo the development or construction of these necessary projects. The unique Deltalok System has been developed with a complete understanding of the need and essential benefits surrounding the ‘Green Build’ aim for an ecologically engineered and proven scientific method, needed for the solution of permanent green structures that are able to sustain vegetation, but withstand all forms of natural elements, from water, wind and heat from the sun but also ground movement like differential settlement and even seismic activity.

With the enormous costs involved with any form of construction, the necessity for further transport links by the development and building of new Highways, Cycle-paths and Walkways, there will ultimately have to be a constructive and informative review on their need, but also a close examination of cost-effectiveness to be able to implement the start of any project. As with most Government or local Authority road schemes, there will be a huge emphasis on the cost of such developments and with the growing demand for a stronger and more productive attitude to ‘Green Build’ engineering technology, the Deltalok System offers a unique patented solution that will guarantee an eco-friendly permanent method of construction that will also give a cost-effective answer to any ‘retaining’ or architectural ‘soft armour’ structure.

Deltalok technology gives the support and strength of concrete and stone without the costs

The building and engineering methods used for the implementation of retaining walls or vegetative slopes to resolve the scarring of natural environments through Highway or Walkway construction, is extremely laborious and also expensive in its construction. With the majority of Highways or road developments needing large fleets of HGV’s to haul large amounts of stone or Top Soil to the vicinity or location of Highway or Walkway construction, often causing massive detrimental damage to surrounding areas, of which repair at completion must be incorporated into the completed cost of the new road construction. With the Deltalok System you have a unique lightweight solution that allows ease of transport so reducing costs in transportation, but also gives a method of engineering that will suit any area regardless of its location, site condition or even project demand. The Deltalok System incorporates the use of specially designed and engineered GTX bags, each bag supporting a soil and sand medium that is proven to establish healthy and productive root growth. This unique design system incorporates the use of the Deltalok Connector that, once placed between the GTX bags, gives a dramatic increase in the strength of the eco-structure, with the incredible power of a natural interlocking, living soil mass that will enhance any location whilst promoting and sustaining any form of vegetation, shrub growth and even tree planting.

This permanent ‘Green Build’ technology gives the support and strength of concrete and stone without the costs and also without the need for wire or mesh retaining masks, no unsightly scarring but an eco-friendly structure that gives a newly constructed Highway or Walkway an immediate solid solution that is able to blend into its environment and also encourage native plant and animal life, as-well as insect pollination for further re-generation of the area. There has to be an understanding of our natural environment, but the restoration of its beauty by the use of the Deltalok System allows the progress that has to be implemented, in the construction of new Highways and Walkways, to become an aesthetically pleasing solution that protects and provides to both man and nature, incorporating the Deltalok System is a cost-effective ‘Green Build’ that adapts to please in any location or environment, a unique method of engineering genius that has its roots, literally firmly planted for generations to come.