Eco-Friendly Retaining Walls

Friday, 28 August 2015

The progress of construction and development marches forward with an alarming rate, the need for ever more advanced Highway and Rail links and the urgent need for more Housing with the ever growing population, are an undisputed necessity of modern day living. The progression of thought and design behind many of these new developments, is the understanding and essential need for a clearer view off many of the issues that can surround such building projects, one of the main ones being consideration on the environmental impact to the surrounding area and its inhabitants. The unique development of the Deltalok System is a complete scientific and eco-friendly feat of engineering that has been developed to both enhance and support a permanent ’Green’ solution to many of our modern building and construction projects.

As with most building work there is the disruption of the development itself, with building materials and transport of the construction materials compounding the obvious effect on the surrounding area in which the developers and engineers are working, this and the delayed regeneration of the aesthetics of the build site will always remain a source of argument and heated conflict for those, who’s environment has been impacted by the need for further development. The Deltalok System has taken a team of engineers and scientists to all reaches of the World with a pure understanding and of the need for ‘Green Build’ solutions that will be cost effective whilst still offering a regeneration through ecological engineering, that can be implemented into any situation but providing a solution for a permanent structural feature, with the principles of nature assisting in its transition of ‘natural Green Build’ ethics.

The Deltalok System offers a solution that can combine a simple yet cost-effective solution that is sensitive to the needs of local wildlife

The Deltalok System gives a solution that has its patented development firmly on the side of eco-friendly engineering whilst being cost effective and simple in its lightweight, technology and build. Deltalok System is a formulation of vegetation principles that consist of a ‘growing’ solution, that of water, nutrients, oxygen and of course light, these are the natural requirements needed for the strength and security in the installation of any ‘Green Build’ retaining wall. The Deltalok System consists of GTX bags, each of which is filled with a proven soil and sand mix that will provide a growing medium for any form of vegetation, wild flower, shrub or tree planting, with the use of the patented Deltalok Connector placed between the GTX bags, it enables the ‘Green Build’ structure to dramatically increase in its strength and combined with the continuous growth of the root system from the vegetation used, you are provided with a retaining wall, or an erosion control system that can withstand all elements, from natural to man made.

With the aesthetics needed to restore any building or development site, comes the constant concerns of cost-effective implementation to solving the solution of damaged landscape and eroded soil areas through construction activity. The Deltalok System offers a solution that can combine a simple yet cost-effective solution that is sensitive to the needs of local wildlife habitats whilst being able to be used in any location irrespective of site condition, also this system requires no footings so its adaptability and resourcefulness can complement the steepest bank but offer the same strength as concrete or wire mesh retaining walls. With the use of the Deltalok System, its ease of construction can be carried out simply within the time scale of any building development, and with the proven efficiency of the growing medium used within the GTX bags, an interlocking soil mass will produce a productive living, eco-friendly retaining wall that will both promote and sustain vegetation and other planting choices, from wild flowers to shrubs and trees. Where the costs involved with brick, concrete, wire or wooden fencing were baron additions used to resolve the aesthetics on new build developments, the Deltalok System gives a unique ‘Green Build’ solution that enables the environment and man to enjoy its chosen location for generations to come.