Eco-Friendly Play Areas

Friday, 28 August 2015

As with all generations there is a requirement for recreational locations that can both enhance and improve lifestyle and surroundings, none more so than the important availability of outside Play Areas for the younger generation. Most local Authorities provide Parks and recreational facilities for the use of every age and physical ability, with many undertaking new building projects to coincide with the construction of more housing developments and the growing population of many of our towns and cities. Along with the demand for more Play Areas comes the cost effectiveness and land availability for such building and construction projects, with finances for many local Councils limited, the undertaking and completion of many of these facilities boils down to the economic viability and demand for the Play Area and also the best option offered by the developer.

The unique patented solution that the Deltalok System offers is a compilation of cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly engineering, scientific understanding of the nature of soils and the risks of erosion but also a unique understanding of the necessity of protecting the environment from further damage caused through mans need to advance its construction and building projects to enable homes, business’s, play areas and the local flora and fauna to coexist in a way that will encourage regeneration whilst protecting the fragile environment we need for our future. The development and construction of most Play Areas will normally consist of play equipment, with safe style footings or ground covering materials to protect from the risks of falls, but with the use of the Deltalok System there is the solution of landscaping techniques that are simply implemented and easily installed whilst still being cost-effective and safe.

The lightweight design of the Deltalok System allows ease of transport to any location which in turn gives cost-effective consideration to any development

In the design of many Play Areas there will be an element of vegetation or planting that is encouraged to disguise the use of concrete and metal frame work used for play equipment, in many situations with the desire for a more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing play environment, the use of railway sleepers and other structural landscaping ideas will be used. With the Deltalok System you can incorporate the use of a unique ecological building technique that will enable the developer the opportunity to not only design, but improve a chosen Play Area with an understanding of nature and play, combining adventure whilst encouraging a natural restoration of the newly designed Play Area. The lightweight design of the Deltalok System allows ease of transport to any location which in turn gives cost-effective consideration to any development, the unique patented GTX bag work construction combines an ingenious Deltalok Connector that is placed between the GTX bags giving a sheer strength that can match that of concrete, but offers a living, growing environment to any form of planting or vegetation, simply because each of the Deltalok GTX bags is filled with a proven medium of soil and sand that enables productive healthy root growth, this combined with the simplicity of the Deltaloks Construction will give a solid and secure soil mass that can enhance any location, but also provide ‘soft’ safety in any environment, and with the need for a safe Play Area a fundamental must in the development and construction of any newly implemented recreational locations, the safety aspect is paramount.

With the Deltalok System you are able to excavate areas, indulging the curious and playful imagination of children, with undulating banks and hidden hollows the need for retaining concrete walls is no longer necessary, the Deltalok System gives an eco-friendly and stable strength to any slope or bank retention requirement, and the environmental restoration that the Deltalok System offers, also encourages nature to once more establish itself in the location. The adaptability that the Deltalok System offers in the rejuvenation or establishment of any Play Area will enhance and restore a natural beauty but offer a strength and excitement that only a ‘Green Build’ ethic can provide, giving support to the natural landscape but offering a Play Area that will encourage hours of enjoyment through play and imagination.