Developing a greener future for local Councils

Friday, 11 September 2015

The encroachment of man on our natural environment has long been a concern for not only those who are resident in the areas in which development and new builds are to be undertaken, but also the local Councils and Authorities who have to maintain a system of management and damage control that effectively protects both natural surroundings and those residents already in situ. The protection and guidelines that are set out to protect areas and the human interaction through all building and development work, have to include and understand the facts behind the possible intrusion that can be produced with the power to influence what-ever it encounters with regard to the necessity of modern engineering and developments. The Deltalok System is a unique opportunity that has been developed and engineered through careful study and scientific understanding of the financial and eco-friendly need, for a proven form of ‘Green Build’ technology that will enhance an area, whilst support a natural living structure that will empower and regenerate, through natural green vegetation, an area that would otherwise fall into the realms of yet another ‘Development Scar’ within its needed location.

No one wants to live, work or be surrounded by the unfortunate march of progress when it involves an end result that offers no visible pleasure or aesthetic value, even if the structure or development is a necessary element that is required for the area. Local Councils and Authorities have a commission of duty to encourage growth and progressive enhancement to the areas and locations that they are ultimately, the caretakers of and the costs implemented in any building or construction work, have to be feasible and effective for the residents of the area. With this in mind, the development of the Deltalok System offers a strength of character that allows a chosen vegetation to promote the natural growth of grasses, wild flowers, shrubs and even trees to be used as a ‘living wall’ that has the strength of concrete but the visual advantage of natural environment.

The Deltalok System is able to be used as a support of incredible strength

As the building and development of more and more Industrial Estates and the ever growing need for more Housing developments are authorized through local Councils and Authorities, the outcry of protest from residents becomes louder. With the Deltalok System these developments can become an aesthetically pleasing asset to many locations, providing a living, natural habitat to wildlife and also encouraging the rejuvenation of many wild flowers and insects. The simplicity of the Deltalok System and its cost effectiveness has been proven throughout the World, with its use protecting areas from soil erosion and also for the stability of slopes, banks and ditches, the Deltalok System is able to be used as a support of incredible strength but has also been used as a ‘Living Wall’, allowing concealment of large warehouses, New Developments and surrounding the progress of further construction on Industrial Estates. With the use of the Deltalok System, you have a development that can provide a solid solution of a permanent ‘Green’ face without the need for footings, as the unique and patented method of construction gives a simplicity to its natural beauty and offers full environmental benefits that give excellent results. Its lightweight allows ease of transport so gives it complete cost-effectiveness and the Deltalok System can be adapted to any location.

The Deltalok System is a formulation of ‘bag-work’ construction, each GTX soil bag containing a proven growing medium of soil and sand that is able to promote and generate healthy root growth for the chosen vegetation once in place. The Deltalok Connector is placed between the filled GTX soil bags which gives a dramatic increase in strength to the ‘bag’ structure, giving an interlocking soil mass that is able to not only sustain growth but promote the generation of new plant-life, with the natural habitat encouraging pollinating insects and other Wildlife. The Deltalok System gives a permanent ‘Green’ structure that is resistant to soil chemicals, degradation and is non-biodegradable, Deltalok has a full face drainage, with no footings required and is able to act in noise and heat reduction with a natural filtration ability and with its vegetation principles of light, nutrients, oxygen and water, the Deltalok System offers a unique form of engineering that will mask and enhance the building and development of many projects with its ‘Green Wall’. The Deltalok System is an immediate asset to encourage the progress of ‘Green Development’ whilst providing a pleasing screen of natural growth for many of the necessary developments that are now part of modern living.

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