Project: County Council Highway Repairs

The problem:

This road, edged by a stream to one side, was being eroded as a result of the stream bank having been undercut by winter high water levels. The resulting damage was various sections of the bank being washed away, taking the road surface with it.

The road was gradually becoming narrower, forcing vehicles to use the other side of the road, making it increasingly dangerous to use.

Local residents, farmers and heavy service vehicles, such as milk tankers servicing the farms, were finding it difficult to use this section of the road.

The area of damage measured approximately 1m high by 33m long.


The solution:

One solution would have been gabion baskets. However this was deemed unsuitable for various reasons, including the significant excavation requirements, cost, time to construct and the fact that large transport and equipment would be required on site, where space was already limited as a result of the erosion.

The council heard about the Deltalok system and decided this project represented the ideal opportunity for them to trial this.


Installation and observations:

The first two rows of Deltalok Bags were laid below the normal water level and these were filled with granular stone material to aid filtration and secure the base of the structure.

The additional rows of bags were filled with a soil/sand mix and grass seed.

The structure was then topped off with a soil roadside verge and seeded.


The results:

The time it took for the Deltalok build was considerably quicker than alternative, conventional erosion control methods.

The stream has now been rerouted back on to its normal course and away from the roadside by rebuilding the stream bank with the Deltalok system.

The outcome is a green, vegetated, natural-looking stream bank, restored to its former glory without any evidence of work having been carried out. All achieved in a very short space of time.

The client, contractor, local residents and road users are all very happy with the end result.