Project: Tennis court build

The requirements:

When Mr. & Mrs. Press decided to build a tennis court in their garden, they needed to find a solution to retain the high bank that would be created by excavating the slope in order to achieve a flat space required to accommodate the court, without losing too much of their remaining garden.

Trevor May Contractors, specialists in sports surfacing, were brought in to undertake the build and, together with Mr. & Mrs. Press, they researched various options for soil retention. 

Situated in Kent, the garden of England, and with views across the beautiful green weald, they didn’t want to use typical hard landscaping materials.  So the common, conventional options of concrete or brick walls, gabion baskets and railway sleepers, which have a limited shelf life, were all rejected.  They wanted a long-lasting, sympathetic design with a natural looking finish that would blend with the surrounding landscape and take up minimal space.

Then they heard about Deltalok…  


The solution:

Deltalok ticked all the boxes of what Mr. & Mrs. Press were looking for; it would provide the structural strength required to support the tall, vertical bank; it would provide a long-term solution and, finally, it would provide an entirely green and natural finish, allowing them to plant the structure with grass seed to blend in with the surrounding lawn and wider landscape. 

On top of that, Deltalok offered the added benefits of being far quicker and cheaper to install than alternative hard landscaping options.  The simplicity of the Deltalok system and its promise that anyone can use it meant that the contractors laying the tennis court surface would also be able to install the Deltalok structure despite never having used it before, saving money and time on sourcing additional labour. 


Installation and observations:

Trevor May Contractors noted some of the benefits they discovered in using Deltalok as an alternative to other, more conventional materials:

‘’Firstly, Deltalok saved a lot of excavated soil from being moved from site, as we were able to use this as fill for the Deltalok Bags.  It also saved getting loads of heavy materials and large machinery onto the site, which would have been required if an alternative type of retaining structure was constructed, which was especially beneficial considering the restricted site access.’’  

They also noted:  ‘’It did take us a little longer to install than we anticipated, but as this was our first time using Deltalok, we tried out a few ways of filling the bags before settling on the most efficient method.’’


The results:

Just three weeks later and the tennis court was complete and framed by the newly created Deltalok bank. 

Our team went to visit the site to see the results.  Typically, when Deltalok is used in conjunction with grass seed, it will take 3-4 months for the grass to completely establish itself and cover the structure.  When our team visited just two weeks after the Deltalok bank had been constructed, the seed had already taken root and the first green shoots were clearly visible along the bank.

Both Trevor May Contractors and Mr. & Mrs. Press were extremely pleased with the results and were surprised by how quickly the grass had begun to grow.  They reported that ‘‘When looking back up the garden towards the court and house beyond it all seems to flow as one and there is no ugly walling to take ones eye away from the overall landscape of the garden.  Aesthetic wise, it blends in better than other materials.’’