What is Deltalok?
The simple engineering system that delivers a permanent, ecological solution for walls, slopes and water applications.  Deltalok requires little or no specialist tools or labour and offers a cost-effective and instant solution to a wide range of applications.

Combining an innovative, patented interlocking method with a vegetation-sustaining geotextile bag, the Deltalok system creates a reinforced soil mass that protects against erosion whilst promoting and sustaining vegetation. 

The interlocking plates work to dramatically increase the sheer strength of the bag structure.  The plates also provide a highly effective mechanical connection to geogrid in the construction of steep slopes and retaining wall structures.

Deltalok delivers the structural strength of concrete whilst blending entirely sympathetically with the natural landscape.


What is Deltalok made from?

The Deltalok system consists of just two components; Deltalok Bags and Deltalok Interlocking Plates...

Deltalok Bags
The modular ecology bags are produced
from a strong, non-woven geotextile fabric.
They have been specially designed to be water-permeable and flexible, with the ability to very effectively sustain a wide variety of vegetation.

Deltalok Interlocking Plates
Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene and 100% recyclable, adding
to Deltalok’s environmental credentials.
The plates are placed between the filled bags, dramatically increasing the sheer strength of the bag structure.

How does Deltalok work?

The Deltalok Bags are designed to be filled with a granular soil mix containing small stones to aid drainage.  Soil excavated from the site is often an adequate filling material.

The bags work especially well when pre-seeded with grass seed and/or wildflower seed.  The seeds then germinate, take root and grow through the front face of the bag, giving the wall its vegetated surface. In time, the roots grow into and through the back of the bag and into the bank behind it, further securing the structure. Structural strength exists even without vegetation, however the addition of vegetation further increases the structure’s stability and provides aesthetical and environmental benefits.

In addition to pre-seeding, the Deltalok Bags accommodate many other forms of planting, including shrubs and trees. Options include live planting; brush layering; hydro-seeding and live staking. You may choose one or a combination of planting options, allowing you to blend your structure with the environment around it.

Please see How to Use for further information.

How many bags will I need?

Deltalok is incredibly versatile in how it can be used in many different applications.  Different applications benefit from different installation methods, therefore the number of bags required will depend upon the specific project and factors such as height, gradient and ground conditions.

Our team of Deltalok experts is on hand to help you through every step of the process, from initial enquiry to providing full guidelines and technical drawings for your Deltalok project.  Please call us with details of your project for advice and quantities required.

Each Deltalok Bag is supplied with one Deltalok Interlocking Plate and one cable tie.

As a rough guide, once filled, you will need 14 bags per square metre of wall face. 

PLEASE NOTE: this is an approximation only. 

Please contact our Technical and Design team for further details.

Bag dimensions

Where can I use Deltalok?

Deltalok is fish- and wildlife-friendly and safe to use in any environment.  It has many uses but is especially suited to the following applications:

  • Erosion Control
  • Retaining Walls
  • Embankment Building, Stabilisation, Protection & Restoration
  • Highway Building, Widening & Repair
  • Flood Defence
  • Slope Stabilisation & Restoration
  • Living Walls & Slopes
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Ditch Lining
  • Headwalls
  • Earth Retention Applications
  • Stream & Waterway Improvements, Control & Repair
  • Noise Barriers
  • Eco Screening
  • Raised Beds
  • Bunkers
  • Drainage Walls
  • Lakes, Ponds & Water Features
  • General Garden & Landscaping Projects
  • Much more